Flats and Apartments for daily rental lease in Dnepropetrovsk

Approximately ten years ago the sphere of daily rent was occupied with old ladies, waiting for you on stations. By the way promised elite flat could turn out to be an old shabby “khrushchevka” in the suburbs. But now the situation on real estate market totally changed! You can visit website and choose a flat! On the web site you can see photos and detailed descriptions of every apartment!
Hotel rooms’ shortage in Dnepropetrovsk triggered the activity of private sector.
But who needs daily rent apartments in Dnepropetrovsk? Of coarse Dnipropetrovsk is not a mecca for tourists. But still tourists with families are main tenants. The second group of tenants is people on business trips.
Surely daily rent is more expensive then long-term rent. But anyway it’s cheaper to rent a flat for 24-hours, then to pay a fortune for hotel room. And flats are more convenient for groups and families. Standard hotel room accommodates limited quantity of people. The price of rental flat is fixed, and it doesn’t matter how many people will live there.
Daily rent is characterized not only with financial advantages. If you choose daily rental flat instead of hotel room you will feel yourself like at home! Noisy hotel staff and neighbors won’t bother you.
There are also no time limits like in some hotel rooms!
It’s a nice alternative, isn’t it?!

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