Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnipropetrovsk: Krasnyy Kamen’, Kommunar, Parus

Housing estates of Kommunar, Krasnyy Kamen’ and Parus were to become a single residential area of Petrovskij due to the urbanists’ plans. The latter name had not caught on. But city inhabitants remember three its components. Historians believe that Krasnyy Kamen’ got its name because of protruding granite rocks. This housing estate begins on the former openpit, which looks like an artificial lake with a municipal beach.
The construction of high-rise apartments has begun since the 1970’s.
There once had been Kommunarovskaya Street where Kommunar is now. That is how it got its name. This housing estate was built as a second construction phase of Petrovskiy residential area, Dnepropetrovsk. In the end of 1970-th the construction of high-rise apartments (9-14 storeyed) started in the Deivka inshore zone. The Parus estate creation has had an active progress since the beginning of 1980-th.
There are some large markets in residential areas of Krasnuj Kamen’, Parys and Kommunar – ATB, Pik, Billa, Silpo. There is a Comfy electronics market on the Krasnuj Kamen’ and Kommunar border, as well as 2 flea markets, and construction supplies, bathroom fixtures and wallpaper stores, etc.
There is a “Kommunar” cinema in Kommunar, featuring modern interior, large screen and Dolby Digital sound. A few steps next door one can have something to eat in Mc’Donalds.
“Akvatoria” center’s visitors can do some fitness and enjoy sauna. Parus estate also features one of the oldest city churches – Svyato-Krestovozdvyzhenskiy temple, more than 200 years old.
Krasnyy Kamen’ and Kommunar are the only residential areas that enjoy subway facilities (from “Vokzal’naya” to “Kommunarovskaya” station).

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