Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Zapadnyy

The housing development of Ekaterinoslav in 19-th century was limited to industrial territories on the western suburb of the city. In soviet period industrial development triggered the construction of new residential areas on the western side of the city.
Township Zapadnyy, located in Western part of Dnepropetrovsk, became like an enclave, which was surrounded woodland parks and plants.
The housing development of residential area started in the end of 1960-th. So in the middle of 70-th blocks of grey 5-storeyed (“khrushchevki”) and white 9-storeyed buildings were constructed.
Day-care facilities, schools, dormitories were built. The inhabitants were generally plant workers.
One of the most important problems of Zapadnyy is transport link. You can reach Zapadnyy only by Mayakovskiy Street. This street looks like highway along plant floors.
You can reach Zapadnyy by tram 5 and 14, and by root taxis, which go from Zapadnyy to residential area Topol.

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