Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Solnechnyy

The beginning of Prada Avenue became an important junction with opening new bridge across Dnieper in 1967. Architects started to think about the housing development of the district. As a result residential area Solnechnyy was built up.
Building development conducted in the first part of 197o-th. Architectural conception was very original. There are four 16-storeyed panel constructions, which can be seen even from the right side of Dnepropetrvsk. Yellow fronts of the buildings prove the name of the district Solnechnyy (it means “sunny”).
Modern look of residential area Solnechnyy is only a part of original plan. The construction of other four buildings was planned.
Corner building with numerous service centers and shops was planned and fortunately constructed. Now it’s called “Esco” (by the name of the shop).
The surrounding of the district also changed. The architects paid attention to recreation development of Dnieper quay. Beach and lawns were improved.
When Solnechnyy was built up, territory along both sides of Dnieper became to look like integrated architectural group. The main street of Solnechnyy was called in honour of marshall Malinovskiy, famous soviet commander.
Solnechnyy is the most urbanized among all left-side districts. There are generally high-rise blocks of flats.
There is nice example of modern architecture – shopping and business center “Vavilon”.

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