Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Sokol

Residential area Sokol is one the newest and smallest bedroom community in Dnipropetrovsk. Its development started only in 1980. The district is situsted in South-Eastern part of the city between residential areas Topol and Pobeda.
Sokol starts with Slava Boulevard, occupies big part of Kosmicheskaya Street, and then stretches along Komarova Street, which is the main street of the residential area. Residential area Topol and Pobeda are not far from Sokol (5-10 minutes by foot). Housing estate Sokol is quiete and cosy in contrast to Pobeda and Topol.
There are generally 9- and 12-storeyed buildings with good designing.
There are two day-care facilities and two schools for children. Winter-lovers can visit sport complex “Lavina” and enjoy skiing and skating. After active rest you can go relax in restaurant “Sports City Café”.
Fans of oriental cuisine should visit new restaurant “Han Chinar”.
You can try an original cuisine in “ZimaLetto”. Gym, fitness and shaping sections located in sport centre “Elita-Sport”.
There is a huge medical centre for children and adults on Kosmicheskaya Street. It includes polyclinics and maternity hospital.
Infrastructure is quite developed. Supermarkets “ATB” and “Silpo” offer all range of products of daily needs.
“Karavan Megastore” is one of the biggest shopping mall in Dnepropetrovsk.

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