Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Rabochaya Street

The Rabochaya area is located not far from the center of Dnipropetrovsk. The active housing construction took place after the Second Great War, though this place had already had some 19-th century buildings. Scarce structures that remain in the bottom part of the street and Tihvinskiy monastery are the examples.
Houses that are built in this area go back to different time periods and thus differ drastically. The Rabochaja street starts from the Pushkin Avenue in the north-east and stretches up the hill to the Krivorozhskaya street in the south-west.
Inhabitants of the street point out two nods: the block from Pushkin avenue to Sverdlova street and the block from Kaverina street to Krivorozhskaya.
Historically, the first nod was developed in the beginning. At the same time of 1896 the Blagoveschenskaya or Aleksandro-nevskaya church was built. The style of the temple was non-russian. The architect was Sultanov N.V., and the temple itself is a local listed building.
During the pre-war period mostly bottom (northern) and middle parts were developing. Everything higher than Kaverina Street was built after the war, because of the Avtozavod plant development in 1944 (now known as the Yuzhnyy Mashynostroitel’nyy plant).
In the middle of 1950s high monumental buildings are constructed. In 1960s and 70s 9 and 16 storeyed buildings were developed. In the middle of the street the modern estate is still being built.
Ice sports palace “Meteor” is one block from Rabochaya Street. This unique structure is comprised special facilities, 2 ice arenas and a shooting range. Not only competitions but also concerts, exhibitions and plays can be held on the rink.
The active ones can take advantage of the full-year rink or a refurbished swimming pool.
Cozy and tasty time can be had in “Traktir na Rabochey”, “Mishor”, Café Bar HollyWood or “Vernisazh” restaurant. “Zolotoy Shar” billiards bar always welcomes its visitors.

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