Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Pridneprovsk

In 50-th Pridneprovsk was built up as a district for people, who work at state district power station. The construction of Pridneprovsk was a hard task. Because in short period of time authorities planned to build a residential area on wastelands near state district power station.
Originally there was no drinking water. People take it from adjacent villages. But in 1957 appeared real district. Pridneprovsk is generally occupied by workers of state district power station. Gradually appeared roads, shops, hospitals, cinema and Palace of culture. Pridneprovsk changed its status several times. First it was a part of Amur-Nyzhnedneprovskiy district of Dnipropetrovsk. Then Pridneprovsk got a status of town under regional jurisdiction (by a decree of District Executive Board). And only in 1977 it became a structural part of Dnepropetrovsk. In the same year Pridneprovsk became the centre of Samarskiy district.
Pridneprovsk has always been considered as a prospective area, because of park zone, its location close to Dnieper. Residential area has a huge recreational potential and it is an environmentally pristine district.
The total area of Pridneprovsk is 60 hectares. The population is 16 thousands of inhabitants.
2- and 3-storeyed houses, built 50 years ago for workers of state district power station, dominate in the district. According to a new project these old buildings will be removed. New high-rise buildings will replace them.
There is a training ground for football club “Dnepr” in Pridneprovsk. Valeriy Lobanovskiy, famous football coach, chose this place. This training centre is considered to be the best not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

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