Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Prices

Sometime everyone needs to find a flat or apartment for daily rent. People on business trips, external students, lovers who needs cosy place for meetings – all these people are looking for flat or apartment for 24-hours. Flat for 24-hours is a good way to save money.
People who are looking for rental flat face a lot of questions about the prices and living conditions. The vast majority of clients consider daily rent the most appropriate variant in comparison with staying in hotels. In addition flat is much more comfortable.
Rental prices depend on living conditions: economic, standard, business or VIP.
If you are looking for reasonable prices for daily rent, the best variant is economic. Flats of this class provide for minimal conveniences – TV, fridge, cosmetics repairs, minimal quantity of household appliances. This class of flats is a perfect variant for young or thrifty families.
Standard class slightly differs from economic. These kinds of flats are more spacious and comfortable. Business-class apartments provide for plasma TV, audio and video systems, and furniture of higher level. Internet access is available. All business-class apartments have designer’s repairs.
VIP apartments have the highest prices. They are usually located in prestigious districts, generally in the center of the city. The main characteristics are original design, modern household appliances, and sophisticated furniture.
Rental flats and apartments are regularly cleaned. Linen is regularly changed.
Remember that price depends on service!

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