Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Pobeda district

Nowadays Pobeda district is one of the biggest residential areas in Dnipropetrovsk. It’s located on the bank of Dnieper and consists of 6 parts. Once this district was known as Lotsmanskiy, but in 1975 it was renamed in honor of the anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War.
High-rise buildings, which were built in soviet period, prevail in this district. But there are several modern multi-storey buildings. Developed infrastructure allows inhabitants of Pobeda to buy everything they want without leaving the district.

Culture, entertainments, sport.

Sports and health center “Voshod” created good conditions for everyone who wants to go info sport. You can visit this centre with all your family, because there are different sections, pool, tennis courts, sauna, banya (Russian sauna) and even a paintball.
Entertainment park “Lavina” is created for winter kinds of sport (skiing, skating). It’s a heaven for winter-lovers. Those who prefer calm repose can choose theatre “Verim”, cinema “Saliyt”, the Puppet Theatre.
Disco-lovers should visit clubs “Imperia’ and “Voshod”.
I If you want to spend evening in a nice place or celebrate a birthday party you can go to such restaurants as “Kamelot”, “Hutor”, “Bartolomeo”, “Fantasia”, “Lavina”. There are also other variants with lower prices.

Shops in Pobeda district

If you going to buy products you can choose between “BILLA”, “SPAR”, “ATB”, “Varus”, “Silpo” and 3 different food markets. Modern household appliances you can buy in “Foxtrot”, “Eldorado”, “Comfy”, “City.com”.
Clothes, cosmetics and home care you can find in “Prostor”, “Eva”, Kodak market and in children’s supermarket “Antoshka”.

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