Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Naberezhnaya

Dnipropetrovsk Naberezhnaya (quay) stretches for 30 kilometers along the right side of Dnieper. On the west it starts from residential area “Parus” and ends with Yuzhnyy bridge. Naberezhnaya is divided into three main parts. The 1-st part is Naberezhnaya zavodskaya (a part from residential area “Parus” to Amurskiy bridge). The second is Naberezhnaya Lenina (from Amurskiy bridge to the 6-th Strelkovaya diviziya street). The third part is Naberezhnaya Pobedy (from the 6-th Strelkovaya diviziya street to Yuzhnyy bridge).
The quay in the central pert of the city is considered to be the most beautiful part. The construction of Naberezhnaya started in the end of 50-th of the 20-th century. During the construction all architectural nuances were considered. Adjoining to the water wall was tiled with granite. Parapet was made of cast-iron grate.
Naberezhnaya is decorated with thousands of plants: various types of chrysanthemums, different trees (junipers, arborvitaes and pines) and many others. Only grass-plats occupy 2 hectares. The part of Naberezhnaya between Festivalnyy mooring and Central bridge was totally reconstructed in 2005.

Places of interest

Local blacksmiths created Bench for lovers and Tree of happiness. You can see them near the bridge to Monastyrskiy Island. Light and music fountain “Belyy lebed” (White swan”) is the main decoration of Naberezhnaya Lenina. The total height of fountain is 50 meters. It even can be seen from the windows of hotel “Dnipropetrovsk”.
The new building of Dnepropetrovsk circus was constructed in 1980.
At nighttime Naberezhnaya attracts many people. It is decorated with different types of illumination. Sodium-vapour lights replaced traditional lanterns.
After modernization Naberezhnaya became the favourite spot for inhabitants and guests of Dnepropetrovsk. You can enjoy a wonderful view of Dnieper from sightseeing platforms.
Festivalnyy mooring is favorite place for Dnepropetrovsk youth. All concerts, meetings and fireworks are held here.

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