Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Levoberezhnyy

Residential area Levoberezhnyy is situated in north-west part of the left side of Dnieper. In the beginning of the 80-th of 20-th century the construction of the first part of huge housing estate of high-rise buildings started. It was called Levoberezhnyy-1. Then appeared Levoberezhnyy-2, Levoberezhnyy-3. There are generally 9-storeyed rack-and-panel constructions, but there are also 12-storeyed high-rise buildings, 5-storeyed blocks of flats and several 16-storeyed.
Donetskoe highway, Myr Avenue, Berezynskaya and Shcherbyna streets are the main streets of the residential area.
Unfortunately there are no sights here. 5- and 16-storeyed blocks of flats neighbor on private houses. That’s why two 16-storeyed buildings of Levoberezhnyy-3 stand out.
There are no transport problems here. There is a tram from Levoberezhnyy-3 which carries you through Kaydatskiy bridge to Krasnyy Kamen’ and Ostrovskiy square. You can reach centre on trolleybuses 18, 20. And undoubtedly pervasive route taxis will carry you to any part of the city.
The distance from Donetskoye highway and Berezinskaya street intersection to centre is 10 kilometers, to railway – approximately 7 kilometers.
Inhabitants of Levoberezhnyy district can go shopping in different places. There are food, consumer goods and building markets on Berezinskaya Street. You can also choose supermarkets “ATB”, “Silpo”, 24 hours “Furshet” and “Brusnitsa”.
The biggest shopping mall in this district is “Karavan”, where you can buy food, clothes, and footwear. You can even go to the skating rink and cafes there. “Karavan’ is a entertainment spot for local inhabitants. It’s very convenient, cause everything you need is under one roof – billiard, “Igroland” for children, pizzeria, McDonald’s and cafes.
Unfortunately there are no cinema and stadium.

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