Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Lenina Street

Lenina Street is one of the central streets of Dnepropetrovsk. It divides Karl Marks Avenue into two parts. First buildings appeared here in the 19-th century. Engineer Brodskiy constructed huge 3-storeyed house in 1890. The ordering customer of construction this building was Ekaterinislav public Convention. Soon several other buildings (shops, offices) appeared.
The Department of National Bank of Ukraine is situated on Karl Marks and Lenina intersection. Some time ago in Ekaterinoslav there was department of Saint-Petersburg commercial bank.
Architect Estrovich created a perfect example of Neo-classical architecture. The building is decorated with vases, urns, columns, swags and busts.
In a pre-revolutionary period Lenina Street was divided into two separate streets – Klubnaya and Voskresenskaya streets.
We can see an example of Neo-Gothic architecture on Lenina and Karl Marks intersection – “Dom gubernatora”. In the middle of 19-th century there was English club in this building. It was the most fashionable club of the city.
In 1913 the building for theatre was constructed. Now there is Shevchenko Drama theatre in that building. It was the first professional theatre in Ukraine.
Today we can see buildings of different styles and epochs on Lenina Street (buildings of pre-revolutionary, soviet and modern periods).

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