Flats and Apartments for Daily Rent in Dnepropetrovsk. The Left Side

Originally the left bank of Dnepropetrovsk started to build on in the end of the 19-th century. That period is characterized by the building of huge engineering plant and tube-rolling mill, development of the railway and construction of carriage repairing workshops. In the twenties of the 20-th century the district enlarged itself by merging adjacent villages. Development peak fell on period from the late fifties till the late eighties of the 20-th century. In these years active civil engineering construction started in the district. Old single-storey buildings were replaced by high-rise housing for inhabitants of this part of Dnepropetrovsk. New housing developments, which consisted of real estate items and infrastructure, were built practically on green-field. Nowadays the left side of Dnepropetrovsk is still both quite place to live and place, where many industrial facilities are situated.

Culture, entertainments, sport

Left side of Dnepropetrovsk is famous for great amount of the Orthodox churches. It is worthy of note that the Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God ‘Iverskaya’ stands out against other churches. The temple complex is situated on the pine forest meadow. The Christianity of Pridneprovje originated from this place.
There are also a lot of parks in this district. But Vorontsov Park is considered to be the best.
There are also many cafes, pubs and fast-food restaurants of various categories. The most popular restaurants are ‘Vostochnyj dvor’, ‘Kardinal’, ‘San-Remo’.
On the left side of Dnepropetrovsk different night clubs situated, the most popular among them are ‘Avgustin’, ‘Bora-bora’ and ‘Noch’.
Recreation complexes such as ‘Solnechnyj’, ‘Galateya’and ‘Metal’ offer gym, massage, solarium and beauty salon facilities.

Shops of the left side of Dnepropetrovsk

Shopping malls ‘Vavilon’ and ‘Karavan’ are significant to this part of Dnepropetrovsk. They meet the needs of local inhabitants. Hypermarket ‘METRO Cash & Carry’ is the perfect place for wholesale shopping. Building materials’ hypermarket ‘Epicentr’ has a wide range of goods for repairs and construction.
‘Varus’, ‘Silpo’, ‘ATB’ and ‘Spar’ are popular food stores. Modern household appliances can be bought in ‘Eldorado’, ‘Comfy’, ‘Foxtrot’.

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