Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Kosiora

Kosiora Street is not just a street, it’s probably micro district, which is situated in central part of the left side of Dnipripetrovsk between Zhurnalistov, Baykalskaya, Khmelnitskogo streets and Pravda Avenue.
In the end of 50-th authorities decided to start construction of new district on sandbanks.
Bulvaranya Street was the main street till 1964. Then it was renamed in honour of Stanislav Vikentievitch Kosior, famous figure of Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Now the whole district is called Kosiora district. There are a lot of disputes about the name of this street. For instance Kosiora Street in Kiev was renamed into Chornovola Street.
There are generally 5-storeyed “khrushchevki” and 9- and 14-storeyed blocks of flats.
Unfortunately there are no sights here. But there is palace of culture “Metallurg”. Not far from Kosiora streetcinama “Pravda kino” is situated.
The shopping mall “Grand Bazaar” is on Kosiora and Kalinova intersection, it’s an example of modern architecture.
There are food and consumer goods markets, not far from palace of culture.
Supermarket network “ATB” and small food store will provide you with products of daily needs.

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