Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Kirova Avenue

Kirova Avenue stretches from Globa Park to Titova Street. The length of avenue is 4 km. The district can be divided into two key spots: southern – Kirova and Titova intersection; northern – Pushkina and Kirova intersection.
The construction of this district started in the end of 19-th century. In those years it was called Polevaya Street, and it was located in the suburb of Ekaterinoslav (former name of Dnipropetrovsk).
The buildings of Ekaterinoslav period still exist in the northern part of the avenue. The construction of 5-storeyed buildings (so called “khrushchevky”) started in the end of 50-th. There are still a lot of the avenue was completely reconstructed in the middle of 80-th. As a result the traffic area was broadened. The traffic became three-lane in each direction.

Culture, entertainments, sport.

Regional state administration and Regional council are located in the beginning of Kirova Avenue. There are also Pisarzheskiy and Khmelnitskiy parks in the end of Kirova Avenue. These parks are favourite spots of recreation for inhabitants.
Matches of football championship of Ukraine are held in modern stadium “Dnepr arena”.
“Samba house” club, billiards “Karambol” and “Miriada” are created for those who like to rest and relax.

Shops on Kirova Avenue.

There are a lot of tool shops, furniture stores, and household appliances markets through all Kirova Avenue. Food supermarkets “ATB”, “Varus”, “Silpo” are open for you 24 hours.

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