Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Kalinina Avenue

The main part of Kalinina Avenue appeared in the end of 1880-th and it had name “Chechelovka”. Building development of this district first of all is connected with opening of Brianskiy plan (in future – Petrovskiy plant).
The development started gradually with the construction of 2-storeyed houses. In 1928 Illich Palace of culture was built up on a place of Brianskaya square. Practically till the fall of the Soviet Union there was city Philharmonic Hall, children’s sections music school and concert hall in Illich Palace of culture. In 1936 the Industrial technicum (technical secondary school) was built up.
There are different buildings on Kalinina avenue: pre-revolutionary houses (1-3-storeyed houses), buildings of 1920-50-th years (3-5-storeyed buildings), and several 9-storeyed blocks of flats, constructed in 197080-th.
Transport link is represented by trams 5, 14, 15; trolleybus 4, and numerous root taxis. There is also tube-station “Metrostroiteley”.

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