Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Geroev Stalingrada Street

Geroev Stalingrada Street is former Dnepropetrovskaya Street. The district around this street started to build up in 70-80-th of the 20-th century, because there were two plants there – “Dneproshyna” and “Dnepropress” and workers of these plants had to live somewhere.
This district is not far from centre and it’s not considered to be only proletarian. In the last 20 years commercial building development and real estate development are onwards and upwards.
There are several main spots on this street: Geroev Stalingrada and Illich intersection, Titova and Geroev Stalingrada intersection, 12-th kvartal, Shynnik, “Dnepropress” plant.
There are generally 5- and 9-storeyed blocks of flats on Geroev Stalingrada Street.
All festivities, concerts, expositions are held in community center “Shynnik” and community center of “Dnepropress” plant.
If you want to spend time with you friends you can go to numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants.
There are also many Russian saunas (bania) and classic sauna in 12-th kvartal. Supermarkets «ATB» represent retail store network. In shopping mall “Terra” you can find supermarket of household appliances “Comfy”, supermarket “Varus” and various shops with clothes and footwear.
There are also convenient small shops with products of daily needs.

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