Flats and Apartments for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk. Frunzenskiy

Active housing development of residential area Frunzenskiy started in the beginning of 80-th of 20-th century. It was called in honour of famous soviet commander Mykhail Frunze. The residential area was projected as local “Venice”. But the fall of the Soviet Union didn’t allow to turn architectural plan into reality. Just one canal was dug out. Now the channel and adjacent park belt are popular recreation spots among local inhabitants. There are generally 9-storeyed rack-and-panel constructions, but there are also 14-storeyed high-rise buildings. Brick constructions (it’s usually modern buildings) are generally located near Donetskoe highway, which is the main arterial road of the district.
Transport link of Frunzenskiy is represented by 4 kinds of route taxis (“marshrutka”), which will bring you to Ostrovskogo Square, Kosior Street and to residential area “Parus”. Trams 18, 19 can carry you to residential area “Krasnyy kamen” and Ostrovskyy Square. The main distances: to railway station – 9 kilometers, to Central department store (Centre) – 12 kilometers. You can reach centre in half an hour and railway – in 15-20 minutes.
Foodmarket is situated near Donetskoye highway. There are also supermarkets “SPAR”, “Varus”, “ATB” and other small shops in the residential area. It’s quite enough for daily needs.
The main entertainments for district inhabitants are canal and Dnieper coast. In summertime there are a lot of people here, because of possibility to swim, to sunbathe, to breathe fresh air and to play active sport games. There is complex “Berkut” for those who like horse riding, gun and bow shooting. In evening time you can visit restaurant “Robin Good”.
Temple of the Patronage of the Mother of God is a spiritual centre of Frunzenskiy. Temple is located so that it can be seen from Donetskoye highway and other precincts.

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